7 Eyeliners to Help You Nail the Inner Eyeliner Trend Everyone Is Talking About

Nothing puts a finishing touch on an eyeshadow look quite like winged eyeliner—after all, it’s the trend that’s been proven to never go out of style. But there’s a new eyeliner craze on the block that complements the cat-eye look we’ve grown to love instead of threatening to take its place: inner eyeliner. Also referred to as the “reverse cat-eye” or “inverted eyeliner,” inner eyeliner mimics the effect winged eyeliner has on the outer corner of the eye, except on the inner corner. 

The trend has spiked in popularity over the last year, proving that beauty buffs are still figuring out new ways to spice up their eye look with precise touches. But because the look involves applying eyeliner so close to the tear duct, finding the right one that doesn’t flake, smudge, or run is key.

Below, find our top eyeliner picks that’ll make achieving the trend a breeze.

Luminess Persuasion Eyeliner

Who said inner eyeliner has to be black? Give your look a nautical twist with Luminess’ head-turning cobalt blue option. It won’t skip, tug, or flake, and its 0.1mm micro-fine felt tip offers best-in-class precision. Plus, it has a unique ability to give the illusion of fuller-looking lashes.