Examiner.com Features Luminess Air in Holiday Gift Guide

For their 2014 Holiday Gift Guide, examiner.com suggest giving the beauty of air to your friends and family.

Quote-OpenLuminess Air makeup artist Heather Hughes uses her artistry to pursue her main passion: making women feel beautiful and confident.

Hughes believes that when women feel great about their outward appearance it alleviates some of the barriers for women to feel better on the inside as well. She also understands that most women have busy lives so simplicity is key.

While airbrush makeup systems are generally perceived to be the domain of professional artists, Luminess strives to reshape that perception, and pushes the bounderis of what women should expect from the cosmetics they reach for everyday.

Hughes embodies that mission, teaching women that beauty can be uncomplicated, fun and empowering.

Examiner caught up with Hughes to learn about what pulls her heart-strings and how to keep it simple and fabulous through the holidays.

EXAMINER: Which winter holidays do you celebrate? How do you celebrate them?

HEATHER: I celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with Family when I’m not working.

EXAMINER: Please share your favorite holiday memory.

HEATHER: Every year when we do our family Christmas my mom gives the grandkids their gifts in a special way. It could be a poem or a scavenger hunt around the house, even “joke” gifts that lead to the real gift. Ever year it gets more and more creative and puts huge smiles on our face.

EXAMINER: What is the best gift you ever received and why was it so special to you?

HEATHER: When I was young I had a huge stuffed teddy bear. My parents gave it to me when my brother was born. I slept with the bear every night. My dad even had to tape him up because the stuffing was coming out. I finally put him away. I thought my parents threw him away. Then a couple years ago my mom and dad gave him to me for Christmas. They brought him to a “doll” doctor and he was just like new! It was an amazing gift because it brought back so many childhood memories.

EXAMINER: Do you believe in Santa? Why?

HEATHER: Yes, I believe in any man that brings me gifts.

EXAMINER: You are creating beauty gift bags for your annual holiday bash, what goes into it?

HEATHER: Rouge Underground Eye Primer, Luminess Air Pewter Gel eye shadow, black eyeliner, mascara and Luminess Air Professional Matador red lipstick.

EXAMINER: What have you learned this year that other people should take into their thoughts to improve their lives in the New Year?

Quote-ClosedHEATHER: It sounds cliché’ but I have learned that anything is possible if you believe.

EXAMINER: Any final words of advice for how to look great and feel great all the way through this holiday season?

HEATHER: Get some rest, drink plenty of water and spread love.