luminess breeze airbrush kit

Luminess’ new device will make your makeup look professionally done

A BEAUTY brand has officially made achieving professional quality results an effortlessly easy at-home process.

For years we’ve seen propaganda from the makeup and hair industries telling us a certain product is all we’d need to look like the models in the ads, despite the fact that they’re all done up by professionals.

Thankfully, beauty brand Luminess has harnessed the power of the air in an attempt to right this decades-old wrong.

The company is using its over 25 years of beauty experience to revolutionize the fields of makeup, skincare, tanning, hair care, and more.

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The latest from Luminess, the Luminess Breeze is the company’s most advanced system yet, while also being the easiest and quickest way to transform your look.

The device transforms your foundation into an ultra-fine mist that it then lays on the surface of your skin leaving you looking ultra-fine as well.

The Breeze is also a big-time money saver since it uses ten times less makeup to provide three times more coverage.

You can even use the Breeze for skincare or tanning, even hair care or anti-aging products are compatible and easier to use than ever before.

Now you can conceal your fine lines, wrinkles, and other blemishes with a coating that will last for up to 18 hours.

Critics and customers alike love that Luminess’ products are all dermatologist reviewed while also being made right here in the USA and being paraben and cruelty-free.

The Breeze starter kit isn’t exactly cheap, clocking in at $199 for the device itself, cleaning solution, and your choice of included foundations, but with the amount you’ll save on makeup going forward it’s worth it.

Plus once you’ve got the Breeze in your hands you’re gonna want to keep using it to see for yourself everything it can do.

Luminess Breeze Airbrush Kit