The 9 Best Magnetic Lashes for When Eyelash Glue Is Just Too Much Effort

If you’re looking for a way to thicken and lengthen the appearance of your natural eyelashes, and mascara isn’t getting the job done, false lashes are an excellent way to get the upgrade you’re seeking. There are a variety of falsies on the market, so you can give those natural hairs a little boost or go for the kind of lashes that will make it look like you’ll fly away if you flutter fast enough. Applying traditional falsies with lash glue isn’t the easiest feat, however. Luckily, magnetic lashes also exist.

Like traditional falsies, applying magnetic lashes involves a lash strip and an adhesive. But the major difference between the two is that the magnetic lashes and adhesive contain magnets so that the two can attach to each other. In fact, the adhesive is not an adhesive at all, in the traditional sense, as it’s not the sticky, tacky substance you may be used to with glue. Many brands have created magnetic liquid eyeliner hybrids so you can create a sharp cat eye and apply the lash. The two-in-one formulas function just like eyeliner, so you can even use it without the lashes if you wanted to. 

To find the best of the best, a handful of Allure editors tried a whole bunch of magnetic. These nine were our favorites.

Luminess Cosmetics Lash in Natural with closed eyeliner on white background

Luminess Cosmetics Lash Lure Starter Kit in Natural 

Without doing too much, the Luminess Cosmetics Lash Lure Starter Kit in Natural will give you those lengthy lashes you’re looking for. If you look closely, you’ll notice the lash has a rounded shape with a mixture of short and long lashes to ensure it blends in with your own lashes. Han loves the fluidity of the brand’s magnetic liner, which made it easy to work with. Plus, “Luminess’s lashes are incredibly lightweight,” she shares.