The Best Women’s Facial Razors and Shaving Creams, According to Experts

For women, shaving isn’t often the first strategy that comes to mind for removing unwanted facial hair, but it’s long been an open secret among beauty bloggers that it’s one of the best ways to get rid of hair and prep skin for easy makeup application. Now, with endorsements from both celebrity estheticians like Kate Sommerville and Bachelor contestants like Michelle Money, female facial shaving has gone mainstream, and experts agree it has several advantages over waxing or tweezing.

As Jeannel Astarita, founder of Just Ageless Body and Beauty Lab, says, “I never recommend waxing the face. It’s tugging at the skin and it very often causes blemish eruptions because the sebaceous glands are attached to the hair follicles. When you pull the hair follicle out with waxing or tweezing, you’re disrupting the sebaceous gland and bringing oils to the surface.” She also likes that shaving is a “gentle form of exfoliation,” that can improve skin texture. And it’s not true that hair grows back coarser after shaving. Dermatologist Dr. Janet Prystowsky explains that because a razor cuts hair at its midpoint, which has a wider diameter than its end, new growth can appear coarser. “With plucking and waxing the hair has been ripped out from the root so the next new hair from the follicle will have a finer leading tip,” she says. If you’re interested in a face shave, read on for five dermatologists and an esthetician’s recommendations for razors and shaving creams that’ll give you the smoothest, hair-free face.

Best electric shaver and dermaplaning system for women

Luminess Air Silk & Smooth Hair Remover Device

This electric shaver is another one of Engelman’s favorites. She likes that it’s “quick and painless, cutting the hair on the surface of the skin. Since it is not pulling hair from the follicle, there is less irritation to the skin.”